IMG_6811I like a girl who dares to step out of the box a little–one who wants her pictures to be a little fantasy, a little reality. Abi is an avid bike enthusiast. I guess she likes wheels in general because she showed me her other babies, too–a long board and a mountain board (which she said is scary because you can’t just hop off. Yes, friends, you’re strapped in like a snowboard. It’s a monster truck wheeled board.)

Anyway, she went the pin-up route for her senior portraits. This is from the beginning of the series, working in the shop where it seems as much money goes into the shop as she is making.. Hats off to you, Ali. It was a busy, multipose kind of day.

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peaceful little pea

abigail53I had the pleasure of working with an itty-bitty six day old sweet pea. Her name is Abby for short. Although I’m braving a SOOC shot on my webpage, I am just loving this part of the series. I could really get into the whole newborn realm. People say you have to pick–I just can’t,.. or haven’t yet. I want to just be behind the camera. I love every part of it. Look at her. How could you NOT love holding, handling, cooing, and soothing such a dreamer?

I said a hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it to the…


Who’s my homie who always helps me when I frantically need him to help set up the yard for a shoot or hold an umbrella over someone’s head? This guy.

Today’s photo shoot was r-a-i-n-y. Rainy. Our hair was damp, and our clothes were too–but quite honestly, I didn’t mind. I had to fiddle with my settings less! Sure, I don’t have backlighting and all the treats the sun can offer in today’s set, but the client shone bright enough!

Anyway, I’m thankful for my son Trevor. Trevor! I need some stabilizing rocks for this fake plank sidewalk I made. Trevor! How can we get this door to stand! Trevor, can you watch Owen for a second! I need you to sit in front of this umbrella while you eat sunflower seeds so I can test out my new parabolic! TREVORRRRR! I love my sidekick.

P.S. You can find his remarkably cool shades at any surveying company. He was helping to accomplish the leveling of our backyard.

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My Kids Eating Lunch Under a Blanket in Honor of Breastfeeding Month

Now this one is good..

One Good Dad

Kids eating

In honor of National Breastfeeding month, I made my kids eat their lunch under a blanket just like the old days of when they were infants. It turns out it isn’t the ideal way to eat. Who knew?

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Smile all about it!


“Put your left hand behind your left side lower hip. Wait. I didn’t mean THERE! Turn your body. Lean in. How about throw your right hand over and behind your head? Now maybe, just like, do a standing back flip to fluff up your hair.”

This is how I sometimes feel when giving directions to my senior class clients. It’s quite funny. And when they misunderstand or just find something utterly silly, I get these. THESE are my favorites.

Nice smile, Taryn!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Smile all about it!