Greetings, fellow bloggers! This August of 2013 I took a giant leap from my normal stay-at-home-Mommy-tasks and decided to put my love of photography to the test. I took a class, subscribed to more blogs and pages than I could possibly read, splurged on some goodies, and finally got a business license. I snapped right into portraiture, and I’m putting to use all that I have read and learned. Being a teacher of 12 years before taking a break to be “Mom” and photographer has taught me one thing: Never Stop Learning.

I am currently mulling over my personal and photography related goals of 2014. There’s been a challenge that I’ve seen many photogs be a part of: 365 Day Challenge (also a 52 Week Challenge). I’ve steered away from them for fear of not completing, but I’m going to give one a try this year so that every day I am picking up my camera and trying something new. I’m sure you will see umpteen photos of my own two boys, but also I’ll be in search of unique moments throughout ANY part of our lives in Alaska.

I’ve never maintained a blog before; bear with me. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions as I work my way through not only blogging but sharing a bit of photography and me.

Uneditedly yours,


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