2T7A9513Omgawwwwsh. SO today was “National Black Dog Day”. All too often it is black dogs that are last selected at the pounds and shelters. It is truly unfortunate, and I really don’t understand. I have only had black dogs–two rescues, one a much needed personal save. So today I dusted off my camera (I know, it’s been too long!) and I ventured outside to take pictures of my beauties. After playing fetch this was THE LAST thing they wanted to do. But the balls went up on the boat trailer and I tried my best to get them to sit and stay. Well, the events that unfolded were all tooooo funny. Lots of funny outtakes in that five minutes, and I had no time to change my settings. Some of the photos are blurry, but I don’t care. I love them still because I love my dogs so. Please go to my facebook page and check them out!

THIS is a funny outtake of my son, Owen. He reminds me of an old grandma without dentures in this one though there were equally as many funny ones as the dogs. Ahhhhh, I shall take pictures tomorrow –even if I think I don’t have time.


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