this little piggy had roast beef


I met my good friend, Amy, at toddler read at the library. We connected right away–but not because we have kids just a month apart. Before long, I was invited to do a couple photo shoots, and one of them happened to be at her Mom’s house. It was then that I fell in love with this place and the animals there–and her mom, Mary. Coincidence?

My last trip in was for her birthday boy turning three. Of course Mary gives us a tour of her place and the animals that live there, most of which I’d seen before…except for these. PIGS!

And what happy pigs they are! The 20 pigs have free reign of the land. They frolic in the mud, pig pile, and actually RUN! Because they’re so new, they were a bit shy of human interaction, but when Owen and I had a seat they did get brave and come up for a sniff. He and I both loved them.

I could’ve stayed there all day just pig watching. But we had to pig out on cake.

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