cow whisperer

My son fell in love with Beefsteak almost as soon as the cow fell in love with him. It started with the sweetest nudge to get Trevor to play with him. I admit, that for a second, I thought this sweet boy might nudge Trev over and hop on him; he was so affectionate but just wanted to play!

We met Carroll on his ranch and said hello for a second time today. The first visit was just Owen and me, but the old man (one of the old men who called Owen a girl!) welcomed us again. “I knew you’d be back to visit!” he said today. He had told me I could come anytime I wanted and actually walk the fields by myself. How honored, I felt. “This time I grabbed my big boy too–and my camera!” I replied.

I captured this sweet moment as I walked over to pet the calves. This was right before I suggested Trevor make today Moo-Monday Selfie Day. You can bet that picture is on instagram.

Me? I am currently looking for a cow treat recipe. My heart is mushy. I just want a cow. As a pet.

cow whisperer

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