eye for sudoku

I’ve been offline for a few days, catching up on some homework while trying to maintain everything else. You know how it goes. But since I am all caught up I feel deserving of some me-computer-time and posting. Oh, how I miss it when I’m away.

I love sudoku. I normally have time only for the daily ones in the newspaper that grow increasingly difficult throughout the week. I thought this was kind of cool–it’s like a ditto of the numbers onto my counter top. How this looks is how I feel some days. So much to think about, so little time!

SIDENOTE EXAMPLE: Loaded up Owen and took a long walk to a ranch here in Alaska today. The new calves are out in the pastures with their mommies and even some llamas. Packed up my camera and “hiked” the side trails which are normally for four-wheelers and motocross bikes, etc. Brought the two labs and our own”three-wheeler.” Got all the way there and…no card in my camera.

eye for sudoku

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