Hollywood in Homer, Alaska

Well, I’ve been away from technology this week. Boy, have I missed updating my blog. Can’t decide if I will play catch up of if I will just let it slide as mentioned on a previous blog post.

I traveled to Anchorage on Monday to attend ASDSA (a teacher academy of credit classes). It was such a special trip. I spent time in Homer with one of my now best friends from high school. Was super happy to then meet her again in Anchorage before she flew back to Cali. Our other close friend joined me and we sat at the Starbucks table just chatting about people, circumstances, and stories. I had to laugh. My two friends talk soooo… thoughtfully and slow. In comparison I felt like an overly excitable 13 year old cheerleader. Buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz…Breathe…andblahblahblah. I felt I had so much to say in a short amount of time. And just as superfriends do, they gave me such thoughtful advice on something important to me.

So this is my great friend rock jumping in Homer, in style. A different kind of beach than “Hollywood” is used to, but no kind of beach that she doesn’t know–especially the ones at home.


Hollywood in Homer, Alaska

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