This was one of those “Grab my camera!” moments. Willie Cowboy was upright on the washer looking out the window looking deep in thought, quiet. I kid you not, just like a jack in the box he shot up toward the window and attached himself to the screen, spread eagle, all fours outstretched. I wished I had gotten a shot of it, but my cat was faster than me changing my settings.

My little mosquito hunter kitty cat.


One thought on “

  1. We’ve had LOTS of cats in our nearly 30 years together, most of whom we’ve chosen. Not Peeps. Night after night she’d attach herself to the living room screen of our drab green duplex — spread eagle — as if to say “I’m not giving up ’til you take me in.” We did, of course, only to have her wander off months later, looking, we figured, for new hearts to break.


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