Pretty Cold in Pink

I almost ruined my streak of a picture a night. I was cuddled up to my two year old and remembered. So I quietly meandered upstairs to edit this one.

I turned my computer OFF today. I’ve had a bit of a senior picture push and so I’ve been a little stressed.. Sometimes I wish I could divide and conquer, but I am a one woman show.

My first priority is being the best mom I can be, of course. Tomorrow I shall take the youngest to the park on a play date with Ethan. Then, after school, I think I will be treating my oldest to an Aces game in Anchorage. Of course it will be the three of us. Daddy is stoked that it’s 65 degrees. He got the boat cleaned up — funny how fast he moves when it matters to him– and his goal is a new body of water for each day he is off. That’s three. He’s trying to “catch” a black bear. I don’t want to be any part of that.


Pretty Cold in Pink

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