Evening everyone. Hey—Look at this. I let it go and I’ve kept up with my end of the bargain. A photo a night. Gimme a break! I know it’s only day two!

Today I had the pleasure of working a photo session with a bunch of beautiful dancers AND a bride to be! It was windy. It was cold. It was worth it.

Here’s a picture from this afternoon. It was quite a struggle to get in there to shoot without stepping on someone’s toes–literally– or even to try out the equipment and lighting. To take this, I balanced myself, standing on the rails like a horse in order to cut everyone out and be tall enough.

I could’ve KICKED myself when I realized I packed THREE FIXED LENSES. Nothing ever goes exactly right on a shoot though, no? Yes?

Someday, when there’s more time, I will fix her tights..


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