I admit it. I have perfectionist tendencies. So when the original blog “theme” I chose (Auto Focus) stopped displaying my pictures properly I freaked out a little. For weeks they were not visible on the page, but when you clicked on the image it would show. SO I was left with a bunch of pictures followed by a bunch of GRAY boxes. I used the forum but got no answers..I was so frustrated.

Meanwhile, my daily 365 Project was falling by the wayside fast. Although I was taking pictures I certainly wasn’t uploading ..

I changed the theme.

Then I wrestled with whether or not to backtrack and upload or how to handle it. On my walk yesterday I decided that (since I am so far behind) I will just … “Let it GO, Let it GOOOOOOO!” (you have the Frozen song in your head don’t you) which is not something I do easily. I’m letting it go. *exhale*

Back to Project 365 .. I’m on the ship again.

Here’s KayLee. If you follow me on facebook or zenfolio you saw this picture yesterday, but I want to share it here too. I love old things–always have, and I have quite an antique collection. (Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an antique kitchen?) Well, I purchased this old window and used it in this senior session. Funny how everything I buy now I am thinking…how ELSE can I use this?

I’m happy to be back. Behind, still…but back. Howdy, bloggers!


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