I’d have a house full of animals if I could. We have two dogs, Maeva and Tuli, and one cat, Ping. (You may have read about her in an earlier post.) This is Tuli. We found an ad for her on the “Friends of Pets” website. As soon as I saw her I knew she needed to be ours. Tons of people filled out the application to give her a home, but I believe we were the most persistent. On January 19th of last year we drove to Anchorage to pick her up. On the 20th she was ours.

Look at her face!

I get mixed emotions when I do. This is her “Are you mad?” look. She does it well, doesn’t she? Sarah McLachlan should give her a call.

Poor Tuli. Before our home, she didn’t have the best life. I tell myself because of that she is the way she is. It makes it easier to forgive her. She has serious anxiety issues. Abandonment, maybe? It can be a short trip to the rink and back and the moment you open the door you know if she was into something–usually from Maeva’s reaction. She’s opened packages of contacts, eaten a carton of bacon grease, helped herself to snacks in the pantry. OH. And the trash.

But I love her .. look at that face. How could you not?

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