I’ve been feeling like a “mom-failure” lately. I’ve been working on a new Pricing Sheet for my business and it is CONSUMING me. The guilt I’m feeling has brought back the teacher in me. Every day we have been trying to do something structured.

We have only experimented with this Melissa & Doug paper/paint set where you dab the paint smeared on paper with water and then apply that to the coloring book look alike page. Owen has never taken a liking to that. “Mommy, you try?” He’d rather watch me do it.

Enter acrylics.

Not exactly the best choice for a toddler, but what a difference in his interest level! We took our palette, placed it in a shallow box, dipped marbles in paint… Owen LOVED placing the marbles. He just wanted to STARE at them and leave them be until I asked him to drive the marbles in the box. His little eyes brightened up and he maneuvered that box side to side to paint the paper. He let me know when his masterpiece was complete. So we made another one.

I posted one on facebook and now Owen has several ‘special’ requests for artwork. My little marble painter!


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