I admit it. I publicly made it clear that I was NOT a cat person. Look what we got on October 29, 2013. A cat. It’s been a quick eating of words. In fact, I’m quite full. I LOVE our cat. But I love my dogs.

She’s taken us on quite a whirlwind what with us knowing next to nothing about caring for them. Right around Christmas we thought she would be giving birth. She displayed all the signs. I couldn’t wait to have Christmas kitties! Just like a mom, I had her prepped and ready to deliver. She didn’t. And she didn’t. And she STILL didn’t. Google was so wrong! She was, afterall, an excellent twerking cat! She was in heat. A week later, she went into heat AGAIN. Holy shit! This was some crazy business!

We did the best thing for her though she would argue that calling Tom next door would’ve been better. We got her fixed last week. Oh, the ordeals with her thus far. (She was a rescue–found in a ditch in the pouring rain.)

I’d like to introduce you to Ping (named after the sound when the puck hits the post). I call her Ping-kitty. (Say it fast..) She’s playing peek a boo with you. And since you’re probably wondering, she is feeling much better. No signs of twerking again. (Thank GOD.)

Long story short, who ever said you had to be a cat OR dog person? I’m definitely both. So in love!


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