I know, I know … I’ve been behind in uploading “a picture a day.” It isn’t that I’ve been neglecting the picture taking–it’s that, let’s be honest, finding “me time” (time to sit uninterrupted at the computer if that’s how I choose to spend those five minutes!) is next to impossible. I have a fourteen year old hockey player. If you know hockey, enough said. And then there’s the two year toddler who hasn’t been feeling so well. I have a hard time with parking him in front of the television so I can get that me time, but I’m guilty. I’ve done it.

Back to business.

I finalized a photo greeting announcement for this sweet–and tiny!–baby girl. Of all the shots, this was the one her Mom chose because it looks like she’s actually saying “hello” like the front of the card. I loved photographing this sweet girl, and I can’t wait to see the family again to take their pictures.

P.S. I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I wanted to just load the shot. The blog post won’t acknowledge it in any format. So .. You get the front of the card. Sheesh!

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