Bartender, please

Willie Cowboy jumps up on the barstool and rests his front paws on the counter. “Scotch on the rocks, please” we joke. It is the cutest! And when he’s done had enough, he’s back out taking care of bad guys around the house. This is one awesome cat. I am thankful he’s ours and that we ever decided we needed a feline or two.. I hear My husband’s buddy has kitties..three?



2T7A9568Midnight Snacker

It’s a reminder of the fact that my little one is growing up to be a big boy. As long as he doesn’t fart while the fridge is open and then turn to scratch after he shuts the door, I’m down with this whole growing up thing.

IMG_9644It was sometime this week that the heavens opened their gates for Dayne. Searchers found my high school friend today. May his family and closest friends find comfort in each other.

2T7A9513Omgawwwwsh. SO today was “National Black Dog Day”. All too often it is black dogs that are last selected at the pounds and shelters. It is truly unfortunate, and I really don’t understand. I have only had black dogs–two rescues, one a much needed personal save. So today I dusted off my camera (I know, it’s been too long!) and I ventured outside to take pictures of my beauties. After playing fetch this was THE LAST thing they wanted to do. But the balls went up on the boat trailer and I tried my best to get them to sit and stay. Well, the events that unfolded were all tooooo funny. Lots of funny outtakes in that five minutes, and I had no time to change my settings. Some of the photos are blurry, but I don’t care. I love them still because I love my dogs so. Please go to my facebook page and check them out!

THIS is a funny outtake of my son, Owen. He reminds me of an old grandma without dentures in this one though there were equally as many funny ones as the dogs. Ahhhhh, I shall take pictures tomorrow –even if I think I don’t have time.

2T7A7567I look at this series of pictures and die. Look at him. Tie disheveled. Little smirk on his face (What? Who me?). Strong. There’s probably some type of suit under that button up that bears a giant yellow letter “K” on his chest. I swear he could pass as a superhero who, maybe, just saved the day.

Okay, maybe I’m being silly..But, really? Isn’t that exactly what our kids are to us? They’re just that…


just unexpected moments

2T7A7276I went to a workshop this weekend hosted by Sharon Carter and then three phenom photographers from the area who sometimes have the privilege to work abroad. How nice to get perspective and support from other people. One station was more stressful than the others..partly because I was working with things that weren’t mine. And he really put me on the spot. I think it’s good to feel uncomfortable with what you know.

This dancer is amazing. She seems to always be “stuck” with being a model and meeting everyone’s demanding requests. She was getting ready to pose for Barb here while the lighting was being changed. She stretched and complained of being sore. Poor thing.

I wasn’t stealing a shot. I just love the unexpected as you know. The face says it all.

orange rainbud

IMG_6662There is the MOST BEAUTIFUL patch of wildflowers in the Kenai area. I am dying for some senior girl to call me and suggest taking pictures there — even though every person in the area has probably done the same. They are just gorgeous and lend themselves to a lot of creative edits. I think I shall work with textures when I edit this one. I will post the final to show you.